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Harvey Gets New Walking & Running Legs From Hanger Prosthetics Florida April 2010


Enfield Independent
Enfield boy who lost both legs and part of his right hand will be fronting a global campaign to cure meningitis - Feb 13th 2014
Daily Mail
Little heroes who beat meningitis: Moving photos of children who suffered the disease released by charity to raise awareness - Feb 11th 2014

Enfield Independent
Harvey Parry needs sponsors to compete in the 2013 Endeavour Games - 31st May 2013
Daily Mirror
Boy who lost both
his legs to
meningitis scoops
four gold medals at
international championships for
disabled athletes
- 5/07/2011
Enfield Independent
Brave amputee Harvey, 5, starts school with new

22 Sept 2010
Daily Mirror
Harvey's got new legs.. all thanks to Mirror readers - 5 May 2010
BBC News
Cash found for London meningitis boy's prosthetic limbs - 9 April 2010

Daily Mirror
Enfield Advertiser
BBC News
New limbs for meningitis sufferer Harvey Parry - 11 May 2010
Daily Mirror
Meningitis boy
Harvey Parry starts school with new hi-tech legs

17 Sept 2010
ABC7 News

Harvey Makes History - 24th July 09

AFP Press
High-tech limb helps boy learns to run - 30th July 09.
Enfield Advertiser
Harvey's plight has US swimmer take on challenge of the Channel - 27 May 2009
Tottenham and Wood Green Journal
Brave tot gets new running legs - 17 September 2009
Enfield Advertiser

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Harvey was born on the 25th October 2005. At the age of 43 god blessed us with a son our little prince.

On the 7th February 2007 Harvey was admitted to our local hospital and later transferred by CATS(Children's Ambulance Transfer Service) to a pediatric intensive care bed in St. Mary's hospital London.

A few days later it was confirmed our son had the deadly virus meningitis meningococcal septicemia b.

The meningitis meningococcal septicemia resulted in Harvey our son of 15 months old, having both his legs, three and a half of his right hand fingers amputated with extensive damage and scarring to his whole body leaving his left hand partially paralyzed. His remaining stumps are very sensitive & scarred, which is why we need to provide him with comfortable state of the art prosthetics which cater for his needs.

Waiting to see if harvey would live or die

Harvey Fighting for his life
This was in 2007 now in 2016 Harvey is 10 years old, plays cricket and has run in prosthestic blades in International Paralimpic Games in the USA. He is also the Co Founder of the Limbscrew Project. LiMBSCREW helping other amputees around the world get limbs. Our first stop is Grenada. Where there is no prosthetic limb provision, please see sharkira Age 11 at the project website http://www.limbscrew.org
Harvey in garden tent1 Harvey Now
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Harvey Parry Newletter 2011

BBC News - Appeal to fund new prosthetic legs for meningitis boy - 29 March 2010
Harvey is the youngest child in the world to be fitted with Carbon Fibre Running Blades. See Harvey's trip details.
Harvey Makes History - ABC7 News. 24th July 09.
High-tech limb helps boy learns to run - AFP Press 30th July 09.

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harvey at prosthetics in motion
harvey at prosthetics in motion
Harvey Parry Running UCA Harvey Parry Medals UCA
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