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Harvey Gets New Walking & Running Legs From Hanger Prosthetics Florida April 2010


Daily Mirror
Boy who lost both
his legs to
meningitis scoops
four gold medals at
international championships for
disabled athletes
- 5/07/2011
Enfield Independent
Brave amputee Harvey, 5, starts school with new

22 Sept 2010
Enfield Independent
Great North runner races for Enfield schoolboy Harvey Parry
16 Sept 2010
Daily Mirror
Meningitis boy
Harvey Parry starts school with new hi-tech legs
17 Sept 2010
Daily Mirror
Harvey's got new
legs.. all thanks to Mirror readers
5 May 2010
BBC News
Cash found for London meningitis boy's prosthetic

9 April 2010

Daily Mirror
Enfield Advertiser
ABC7 News
Harvey Makes

24th July 09
Tottenham and Wood Green Journal
Enfield Advertiser

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Barclays Bank: Sort Code: 20-29-90
Account No:10628034
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