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Harvey Gets New Walking & Running Legs From Hanger Prosthetics Florida April 2010


Daily Mirror
Boy who lost both
his legs to
meningitis scoops
four gold medals at
international championships for
disabled athletes
- 5/07/2011
Enfield Independent
Brave amputee Harvey, 5, starts school with new

22 Sept 2010
Enfield Independent
Great North runner races for Enfield schoolboy Harvey Parry
16 Sept 2010
Daily Mirror
Meningitis boy
Harvey Parry starts school with new hi-tech legs
17 Sept 2010
Daily Mirror
Harvey's got new
legs.. all thanks to Mirror readers
5 May 2010
BBC News
Cash found for London meningitis boy's prosthetic

9 April 2010

Daily Mirror
Enfield Advertiser
ABC7 News
Harvey Makes

24th July 09
Tottenham and Wood Green Journal
Enfield Advertiser

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Name: Harvey Parry Appeal Fund
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Harvey's Trip to New York - 19 October - 30 October 2008

Thank you to the many people that have given Harvey donations on the Streets of Wood Green and the many postal, internet and tin donations. You enabled Harvey to attend the Mobility clinic, have physiotherapy, and maintenance on the legs we bought in June 2008.

Without your continued support and donations, we could not have paid for it, we are eternally grateful and appreciative of everyone that has helped us to help provide harvey with the best rehabilitation that money can buy and helping us to give and make Harvey's life livable.

The new legs have given him a life, the training exerts inspiration and the positive practice pushes Harvey to let him know he can attain and reach and do anything in his legs. This level of service, comfort of prosthetics legs and and training is not available in the uk.

The NHS in the UK do not have the set up, they do not practice the methodology of positive disability training ie street training, environmental training, ramp and track training, swimming park and play training, conquering different terrains with balance training.

Thank you for your continued support in enabling us to pay for this treatment to happen for our son Harvey.

Mobility clinic 2 Mobility clinic 2
Mobility clinic 3 Mobility clinic 4
Mobility clinic 5 Mobility clinic 6
This is Harvey's second trip to New York to A Step Ahead Prosthetics, they are holding a Mobility clinic and Harvey is having 12 days of different physiotherapy. He does track and gait training at Jericho High School sports facilities Long Island, New York with his trainers Phil, Dave and Amy.
Phill with harvey in car park at stepahead "Phill" you are harveys hero
Erick director of stepahead checking harvey fittings Harvey walking on mat
The Step Ahead director Erik instructs Harvey on gait training with his physiotherapists Phil.
Floor and knee control work has enabled Harvey to walk with his legs closer together.
Knee and foot balance training with/ without shoes and socks. Learning new tricks to jump, hop, skip on carpet.
Dave central park - enviroment training 1 Dave central park - enviroment training 2
Harvey does street, foot and different terrain training with Dave, environmental training in
Manhattan Central Park.
From physiotherapy and muscle building techniques when out, to constantly give Harvey the muscular build needed in his legs. Learning to balance, walking sideways has taught Harvey not to fear walking in small places and helped him at home in tiny spaces, where he has to walk sideways.
Harvey having water therapy 1 Harvey having water therapy 2
Harvey having water therapy 3 Harvey having water therapy 4
Harvey has swimming physiotherapy in the pool with Michelle.
Harvey having water therapy 1 Harvey having water therapy 2
Harvey having water therapy 3 Harvey having water therapy 4
Its October the 25th :-)!!! Happy birthday Harvey it's your 3rd birthday, and your in New York doing training . We held a party and invited some of the kids in the hotel it was great and we had a super time....


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