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Harvey Gets New Walking & Running Legs From Hanger Prosthetics Florida April 2010


Daily Mirror
Boy who lost both
his legs to
meningitis scoops
four gold medals at
international championships for
disabled athletes
- 5/07/2011
Enfield Independent
Brave amputee Harvey, 5, starts school with new

22 Sept 2010
Enfield Independent
Great North runner races for Enfield schoolboy Harvey Parry
16 Sept 2010
Daily Mirror
Meningitis boy
Harvey Parry starts school with new hi-tech legs
17 Sept 2010
Daily Mirror
Harvey's got new
legs.. all thanks to Mirror readers
5 May 2010
BBC News
Cash found for London meningitis boy's prosthetic

9 April 2010

Daily Mirror
Enfield Advertiser
ABC7 News
Harvey Makes

24th July 09
Tottenham and Wood Green Journal
Enfield Advertiser

Bank Account Details UK
Name: Harvey Parry Appeal Fund
Barclays Bank: Sort Code: 20-29-90
Account No:10628034

Harvey Gets New Running Legs

As parents there are no words in our vocabulary to express our thanks and gratitude to all the organizations, people, schools, groups,shops individuals too many to mention but a very big thanks to the ordinary person on the street, the public thank you, a million kisses to you all.

Harvey now has walking legs , running legs, short stubbie click on climbing feet and house slipper click on feet. Without you people our son wouldn't have them, his running is wonderful to see, watch the videos he laughs and skips along, climbing up trees, walking, it is amazing the agility the legs have given him.

Thank you Raynham Primary School the Angel, your continued support vastly contributed to all harvey's legs. To The Edmonton Rotary Club for their continued support, the events of Thameside Labour Force, The Voice Newspaper, The local papers, the people of Edmonton, Enfield , Tottenham, Wood green, Camden, Lewisham, kilburn, media - ITN London Tonight . Thank you again this year Virgin Atlantic for generosity in supplying seats for our whole family each time we have been to America for Harvey's treatment.
Harvey Chooses Fabric For His Runnung Legs
Chris Kort Adjusts Harvey's Running Legs
Harvey chose the fabric for his running legs
Chris Kort adjusts Harvey's running legs
arvey on stall with springs
Harvey takes first steps in springs
It has been hard and at times testing in getting harvey rehabilitated with prosthetics and having us all with him has given him the comfort,courage, security of knowing we are always together as a family to help him with different parts of his therapy. Sharna our daughter did all the sport therapy Jonathan did the boys stuff, biking, fishing, boxing, foot work and training in California with Rudi Garcia Tolson and occupational therapy like arts and crafts for harvey's co-ordination and fine movement in rehabilation of his hands, doing knots and standing on one leg balance, carol did New York physiotherapy , training and the New York inspirational triathlon which harvey took part as well as lots of encouragement all round we were able to offer this support to harvey because we are able to all be there.

Harvey Gets New Running  Legs
Harvey Gets New Springs
Harvey finally gets his new springs
Harvey Enjoying his new springs at Camp No Limits

Thank you so much Virgin Atlantic for your free flights and Marriott Group hotels for their continued support in reduced rates and upgrades of wonderful suites, their great staff and fabulous facilities. To all at Camp No Limits and their mentors and buddies and to CAF( The Challenged Athlete Foundation) and Ossur for working magic and donating the feet for running, Chris your handy work in time and generosity, and of course you the wonderful public your donations bought all the sockets and paid for the trips support and therapy.

harvey playing on slide
Harvey Playing at madison sq pk ny
Harvey enjoys his new legs at Madison Sq Pk NY
Harvey likes his new independance with his new legs.

You know it starts again fundraising, Harvey will grow in 6 to 8 months and the sockets and knees will have to be replaced as well as physiotherapy and training. We will have to raise the money again to do this again when he grows, your money has done this, be sure to look at the videos look what you have helped to do .

Thank you for helping to change our sons life,from a life of bum shuffling with no legs to a life full of agility and vitality. We can only ask you to please continue to support Harvey . Now that his got a life we have to be able to maintain it, please help and spread the word about Harvey . Thank you to all you people out there. People power, shows passion is great, our love for son is great.

ps he skips along and runs along the street now thanks xxxxxxxxxxx

Camp No Limits - Portland Maine USA
rock climbing at camp maine 09
harvey rock climbing at camp maine 09
Harvey took on the challenge of climbing this wall & surprised us all - Camp No Limits.
harvey with stubbie attachments
Harvey & cameron camp no limits 09
Harvey with his new stubbie attachments.
Harvey & Cameron - Camp Maine 09
harvey & charlotte playing in puddles - camp no maine
harvey & charlotte playing in puddles - camp maine 09

harvey josh cameron racing - camp maine 09
Harvey & charlotte camp maine 09
Harvey enjoys boating - camp maine 09
Harvey's buddy & mentor enjoy arts
Harvey enjoys tennis
harvey enjoys tennis
Rudy Garcia Teaches Harvey How To Use His Springs
rudy garcia ny expo
rudy garcia ny expo
rudy-garcia-trains-harvey1-running legs
rudy-garcia-trains-harvey2-running legs
rudy-garcia-trains-harvey3-running legs
rudy-garcia-trains-harvey4-running legs
Challenged Athletes Foundation - Catch a Rising Star Program
Catch a Rising Star Program
Catch a Rising Star Program
Catch a Rising Star Program
Catch a Rising Star Program
Catch a Rising Star Program
Catch a Rising Star Program
Catch a Rising Star Program
Catch a Rising Star Program


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