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Harvey's Trip to California & Florida 19 October - 11 November 09

Mobility Training Challenged Athlete Foundation, San Diego Triathlon, California & Camp No Limits Florida

Having been able to raise the funds to get Harvey running prosthetics in July and new walking legs last may it had been nearly six months and still no physiotherapy programme or occupational therapy for Harvey from the NHS. Just talk, meetings, with no actual programme. We decided to raise the funds to take Harvey to a week long, Mobility Clinic in San Diego.
California and attend the San Diego triathlon with the organisation challenged Athlete foundation.  Harvey won three medals, he ran the 160 metres and 440 meters. Now who would of thought that with no legs, our four year old boy Harvey would ever of achieved this, truly amazing. He mixed with Athletic Olympian Champions and people with all types of amputations & prosthetic limbs.

Harvey becomes the youngest athlete child in the world, to run in running feet with above knee amputations. see CAF - Challenged Athletes Kids Sprint and Run 25-10-09 Video. SAN DEIGO CALIFORNIA
He learnt new hopping and running techniques, did muscle balance control, Environmental Physiotherapy, play therapy, survival amputee agility skills like climbing, on ropes for fire escaping and getting down from quite high heights.  I wanted to share this with you the public that rescued and helped our son to have the best legs and training available in the world with your donations and support thank you. 

Camp No Limits – Florida

Harvey also attended Camp No Limits in Florida that were holding a camp on life skill exercises and physiotherapy for people with limb-loss. The camp teaches you there is no limits in your life and that there are ways for you to do anything.

It was magnificent physiotherapy doing every kind of rehabilitation therapy from going to the toilet to tying your shoe laces and holding cutlery and doing group therapy. It was utterly inspirational for Harvey  the physiotherapy was quite intense, Harvey is so well balanced on his feet now its truly unbelievable the confidence the therapy has given him .lots of limb work  and stretching and flexing muscles to build his upper body See the videos of Camp No Limits - Florida


The great thing was being with the other children and adults amputees sharing movements and swapping techniques. Mentoring each other with their experiences He played a lot of football, learnt to balance on different terrains, did lots of group activity like basketball and hand skills upper body exercises and physical fitness.  Harvey learnt to ride a skateboard.  He did lots of personal therapy i.e. groups discussion and reasoning of his prosthesis and own amputated legs. 

The upper limb skill clinic was excellent for Harvey he can open his own crisps now and, cut paper with scissors. Grip a knife and folk better, walk and carry items while balancing in his prosthetics. Being an above knee amputee its hard to stand and hold your balance as well as carry something relatively heavy. Grasping and releasing techniques together with balance work like putting his bike down and picking back up and getting your prosthetic off the bike it was excellent.

The lower limb skill clinic was simply fantastic, Harvey also had three and a half of his right hand fingers amputated and suffered muscle growth damage to  his right side  this side grows slower and is shorter ,smaller then his left side. His left hand is weak through muscle strength two of his fingers are partially paralysed and slow from the meningitis. Simple every day tasks to you or I, are extremely challenging tasks for Harvey. Squeezing and gripping etc the clinic involved hand therapy in learning to undo zips and do up and undo buttons and Harvey can now squeeze the toothpaste with control. Undo his zip and buttons with careful concentration.

It’s wonderful, he is able to through confidence use the toilet now, he was always frighten that he might fall through it with his high amputated legs. The whole trip was a marvellous encouragement for Harvey and I cannot thank you people enough who donated to get Harvey this far. to all Harvey's supporters, fundraisers thank you, he really is doing so well.

What's next?
To fund raise for Harvey's next walking legs he has had these ones since May 09. by February  2010 I hope to have raised the money for a new pair as it will be 9mths and certainly he would have grown out of them. Your help and support is needed now, more then ever because now that we have Harvey up and walking, running being independent and living life, some how I we have to continue it. I can't say to him sorry you have grown out of your legs and mummy and daddy haven't got the money to replace them…. All I can say to anybody reading this is please help.  

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